Harvesting Leads For Your Business

The Fields Are Ripe

A Wise Spiritual Teacher once said, “The Fields are Ripe For Harvest, but the workers are few.” This is true in Business. There are literally 400 Million people searching Google every day. Ask yourself these hard questions: Is your business being found by Google? Are people searching and finding you?

What if Your Business Isn’t on Google’s First Page?

Go to Google and type in the most common search term for your business. Does your business show up there on the first page? Current Google stats say 63% percent of searchers click on the first three organic positions. If you aren’t there, your competitors are.

Here’s what happens if your business isn’t on Google’s First Page:

  • Real Estate: People Searching For Real Estate Agents Find Someone Else
  • Plumbers and Roofers: You might be the “best in town” yet the business goes to the Contractor who shows up in searches.
  • Hair Salons: Women are searching for places which have great ratings and reviews? Your Salon has no ratings so you don’t get the business.

What happens if your business isn’t on Google’s First Page? Nothing. People search for your business, find competitors, and you loose the potential business.

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